Renaissance Music

Renaissance Music

NOTE: This project was developed for educational purposes only and may not reflect the views or plans of Renaissance Music.

The client wants to have better presence with all lines of business. The challenge was to develop a solution that worked for difference audiences that have different audiences and motivations. The logo was created using the company name and features a musical note with renaissance-era styled flags. Breaking the musical note out of the frame represents the fun side of music while the traditional flags symbolize the history of the store.

A secondary colour was chosen and in conjunction with the primary colours, applied to each major department to denote the values they are meant to represent. This allows a consistent design language to transcend the different departments while maintaining clear boundaries between them.

Rentals is blue for trustworthy
Store is orange for affordable
Service is green for renewal
School is red for passion

The tone of voice used is meant to be professional yet fun. Ultimately music is about fun and passion, and we want to make sure our client is consistently communicating that message.

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